Sunday, 8 May 2011

Work in progress - sketched ideas

I have been sketching ideas for HMP Northallerton Kiddies play area and also for the Children's Centre in Northallerton this weekend.

These are for the children's centre - they want me to illustrate nursery rhymes.
I have sketched these to show how I would create imagery with a mix of photos and illustrations of the children amongst a bold, colourful, graphic background.
Have a meeting tomorrow to discuss what I have come up with so far and then should be starting the preliminary drawings for the artwork asap!!
The Prison want me to create a mural based on the theme Dragons, Princes and Princesses.
Have decided to go for something fun and cartoon style with some humour illustrated in the scenes.

These are two of the scenes... Have a helper too - a girl I know who is interested in Art is doing some drawings in her free time (she is at Allertonshire and asked to help) based on the theme. So I could use some her work incorporated into the mural for a little bit of work experience to help with her Art coursework. It will be ready in the next 4 weeks so will post some more work in progress and also of Sammi's ideas. Could be interesting to see what people think!

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