Friday, 27 May 2011

Two huge murals delivered today!!!!! WOW!!!!!

These pics show the size of the murals delivered today!!!
They are 530cm wide!

I am pleased with the results!!! :-)
Only a few more to do for the prison now.
Classic Signs at Darlington have printed all of my murals. They are so friendly and have been fantastic!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Nearly finished quotation mural number 2!! Woo hoo!

Just about finished! This pairs up with the one I posted yesterday.... Just got to check spelling and flatten it - it's a massive file size at the mo and has to be printed to be 530cm wide!
Was going to do a bit more tonight but have run out of pro plus!! lol ;-)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Famous quotations murals for HMP Northallerton

(double click to view pic)

Hoping this mural will be delivered on Friday!! It will be 530cm wide --- so about 15foot -- blimey!! Blooming hope I spelt everything okay!!! ;-)
Just trying to get the other one finished...... just gotta check the measurements and spelling! If I get a move on it may be ready for the printer tomorrow!!!

Monday, 16 May 2011

HMP Northallerton kiddies play area - murals in progress!

Have been very busy with marker pens over the weekend!!Here are the backgrounds for the Prison kiddies play area murals!!
These are the theme - Dragons, Princesses and Knights. So have a few characters to add- with humour and funny antics (Dragons providing the flames for a BBQ (spit roast), and maids catching frogs to kiss by the pond).
Still a few insects, ducks, birds and animals to draw....phew!!
Just a meadow and inside the castle walls to do now!! :-)

artwork in progress for Children's Centre mural

I have started the artwork for the Children's Centre mural!! Their Open Day is June 11th and they would like the mural(s) in situ for that day!! Gulp!! So have been frantcially working over the weekend to get as much done as possible.
This is the background for the nursery rhyme "Row, row, row your boat"
Have used marker pens and fresh appealing colours with blending.
I shall add insects, animals, ducks and also some of the kiddies artwork into the piece.
They are going to give me some photographs of the kiddies acting out and singing the
nursery rhymes so I place them in an illustrated boat and perhaps illustrate some of the children as well.
This background is for the nursery rhyme "sleeping bunnies" so will be adding some bunnies, children acting out the rhyme, and also some butterflies, insects!! Again using marker pens and blending the colours to make it appealing.
Think they are looking okay so far!?!?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Work in progress - sketched ideas

I have been sketching ideas for HMP Northallerton Kiddies play area and also for the Children's Centre in Northallerton this weekend.

These are for the children's centre - they want me to illustrate nursery rhymes.
I have sketched these to show how I would create imagery with a mix of photos and illustrations of the children amongst a bold, colourful, graphic background.
Have a meeting tomorrow to discuss what I have come up with so far and then should be starting the preliminary drawings for the artwork asap!!
The Prison want me to create a mural based on the theme Dragons, Princes and Princesses.
Have decided to go for something fun and cartoon style with some humour illustrated in the scenes.

These are two of the scenes... Have a helper too - a girl I know who is interested in Art is doing some drawings in her free time (she is at Allertonshire and asked to help) based on the theme. So I could use some her work incorporated into the mural for a little bit of work experience to help with her Art coursework. It will be ready in the next 4 weeks so will post some more work in progress and also of Sammi's ideas. Could be interesting to see what people think!

Friday, 6 May 2011

murals delivered!!

Murals were delivered today Yippppppeeeeeeeeeee!!
Quite pleased with how they looked and hope the
Prison liked them!!!

These have taken some time to complete - a lot of detail and a time consuming technique.
I have used pencil crayon lines of all different colours in the same direction.
Only 2 more to do for this series 'Scape' - which will include town and cityscape to complete the 6.
Can't wait to finish the other 2!!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Two murals getting delivered tomorrow!

Seascape and Landscape murals are finished!!

These are getting delivered tomorrow!! Am so pleased! They will be about 7foot high so will be good to see them before they go to the Prison to be hung in the Visits area. These are part of a series of 6; still have city and town to do.
I am now starting on murals for the kiddies playarea and also on famous quotations that are inspiring and uplifting. I am drawing in every bit of spare time I have!!!
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