Monday, 16 May 2011

artwork in progress for Children's Centre mural

I have started the artwork for the Children's Centre mural!! Their Open Day is June 11th and they would like the mural(s) in situ for that day!! Gulp!! So have been frantcially working over the weekend to get as much done as possible.
This is the background for the nursery rhyme "Row, row, row your boat"
Have used marker pens and fresh appealing colours with blending.
I shall add insects, animals, ducks and also some of the kiddies artwork into the piece.
They are going to give me some photographs of the kiddies acting out and singing the
nursery rhymes so I place them in an illustrated boat and perhaps illustrate some of the children as well.
This background is for the nursery rhyme "sleeping bunnies" so will be adding some bunnies, children acting out the rhyme, and also some butterflies, insects!! Again using marker pens and blending the colours to make it appealing.
Think they are looking okay so far!?!?

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